Our ATAG Combination Boilers

ATAG combination (combi) boilers deliver both central heating and instantaneous hot water without the need for a hot water cylinder. Modern combination boilers can now meet the demands of more than one bathroom.  Thanks to ATAG’s engineering excellence, their models can help you save up to £320 a year on your gas bill (Energy Saving Trust, April 2017).

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ATAG Boilers

ATAG iC Economiser Combi Boiler

ATAG IC Economiser Combi Boiler

ATAG iC Combi Boiler

ATAG IC Economiser Combi Boiler

We Are a Selected ATAG Partner

We supply and fit both the ATAG iC Economiser and the ATAG iC combination boilers. Renowned for their efficiency, ATAG boilers come in a range of sizes to suit any type of home or commercial premises. We are proud to be a Selected ATAG Partner.

If you would like a quote for the supply and fitting of an energy efficient ATAG boiler, please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote and advice.

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ATAG Controllers

The ATAG One Heat Controller

The ATAG One controller is not only designed to be convenient to use, it needs to look good while doing it!

A lot of time was spent on the development of ATAG One with great attention to design, both inside and out.

ATAG Heat Exchanger

The ATAG iCon Heat Exchanger

  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Expertly engineered
  • Built into all models
  • Reducing domestic energy bills by up to £570 a year (Energy Saving Trust)

ATAG Cylinders

ATAG Vented Cylinder

ATAG IC Economiser Combi Boiler

ATAG Unvented Cylinder

ATAG Twincoil Cylinder